Build Your Own Barbie Dollhouse


When most people think of dollhouses they immediately envision Barbie doll houses. This is not a strange thought since Barbie is one of the most popular children’s toys ever. What many people do not know is that children were playing with dollhouses hundreds of years ago. Of course, the dollhouses that children played with decades ago were not even close to as fancy or intricate as those of today. The vintage wooden doll houses that children played with many years ago had very simple designs with very little glamor or amenities. Today’s dollhouses are fancier and have more elegance than the majority of the homes we live in. It is hard not to be jealous of the dolls that get to live in such stylish Barbie doll houses with all of their miniature furniture and mini backpacks or clothing.

Build Your Own Dollhouse

If you have the time and the ability to build your own dollhouse then you should. You can design and build a house that will rival any of the latest barbie doll house plans available at the most popular stores around. Making a dollhouse is not as hard as many people think. All you have to do is follow the instructions that come with the kit you buy and the final product will be great. If you just want to buy plans without the kit that is certainly an option. If you go that route then you will just have to go to the hardware store and pick up the entire list of materials that are specified in the plans.


The first step is to cut the entire exterior part of the dollhouse out. This is the most fun part of the project, but if you are not comfortable doing the cutting there are many hardware stores that will do the cuts for you if you purchase the materials from them. Since cutting the windows out can take a bit of time it is possible that they will charge you a nominal fee to do it.

Floors and Interior

The next step is taking care of the floors. The floors are very easy to cut out, but you will have to decide how you want them to be finished. The sky is the limit when it comes to the floor options so feel free to go with whatever finishes you want. Many people just go with the floor finish that they wish they could have in their own home. There is nothing wrong with living vicariously through the dolls in your dollhouse.


The last part of your dollhouse construction is the furniture. You can certainly go to the store and buy girls Barbie doll house furniture, however it is much more elegant and fun to make the furniture yourself. If you are willing to spend a few dollars and put the necessary time into the project, there is no reason that you cannot have an amazing dollhouse that would blow away any Barbie doll houses that you had when you were a child.