Choose a Plastic, Canvas Or Wooden Doll House

Canvas Dollhouse

Canvas Dollhouse
Even though most dollhouses have been made from wood for many decades, there has been a recent popularity in (much like clear plastic backpacks) the plastic canvas dollhouse – and for a number of reasons. The first reason that this material has been so popular is because of the lower cost. Machines often manufacture these products, which are not a bad thing, so they are easy and cheaper to produce and the manufacturer can pass the savings on to the buyer. Another great thing about doll house in plastic canvas is that they are able to be much fancier than the standard wooden ones. The sky is the limit when it comes to the colors that they come in, not to mention the intricacy of the detail they contain. There are certainly a number of reasons to select a plastic canvas doll house and if one of them appeals to you then go ahead and get one.

One of the most common areas that people inquire about is the furniture. Lots of people are interested in designing their own plastic canvas doll house furniture. If you are handy and have the time to spend then you can certainly do it on your own and become a doll house maker. We will cover the necessary steps to make your own furniture for your dollhouse. You must first select your favorite design from the available patterns. Secondly, you will need to cut out the pattern correctly. When it comes to cutting out patterns, precision is imperative. Any error you make in this step will be reflected in the final product, so take your time and go slowly. It takes more time to do something over again than it does to do it right the first time.

Once the pattern is cut out the hardest part is over. Take both layers of canvas and stitch the center of them together and assemble the rest of the pieces as you stitch along all of the edges. The last part that has to be done is the sewing of the cushions. After you stitch the cushions together you will stuff them to the desired density.

It may seem like you need a number of items to get this task done, but you do not need very much at all. Six pieces of colored canvas, a few sheets of clear canvas, yarn, print fabric, batting, a needle, a sewing machine and a pair of scissors are all you need. With the exception of the sewing machine the cost is very small. Additionally, if you have no access to a sewing machine you can always do the sewing by hand.

There is nothing more exciting or rewarding than creating things with your very own hands. For years, many people cut and assembled their own wooden dollhouses. These days some of the fun has been taken out of the dollhouse hobby with the invention of the plastic canvas doll house. Luckily there are still things that you can do for yourself to customize and personalize your toys.